Financial statements of an organization often conceal more than they reveal. Being able to analyze them and extract meaningful information is an essential skill that financial as well as non-financial professionals should have. Ratio analysis can be used to determine relationships between two elements of the same financial statement or between one element of one financial statement and another element of a different financial statement. This type of analysis can also be used to compare your company's performance to a number or key indicators, including your competitors, industry averages and benchmarks.

This course presents and discusses many methods for analyzing financial statements from a non-financial professional's perspective. It determines and interprets the key profitability, efficiency, liquidity, and solvency ratios using scenarios. It also explains horizontal and vertical analysis of the financial statements using real life examples.
  • determine the value of a company's key profitability and efficiency ratios in a scenario
  • calculate liquidity and solvency ratios
  • classify examples as reflecting the use of horizontal or vertical analysis
Learning Type: Online
Duration:60 minutes
Cost: USD 2